Case Studies: Transformation & Exit Experience:

Senn Delaney Leadership (CEO) 1995-2017
After joining the boutique consulting firm, Jim established Senn Delaney as the premier leadership development /culture shaping firm in the world. Created an industry leading blended consulting and SAAS solution serving 150 of the Fortune 500 and 300 of the Global 1000. Jim grew the annual revenue from $13 million to $39 million by transforming the firm’s business model, intellectual property and deliverables. Throughout the transformation processes, Jim maintained a 40% EBITDA margin, while expanding the business to 65 countries and supporting 10 languages. The designed transformation led to a planned sale/exit of the business in 2012 to a publicly traded strategic buyer with a 9.5X multiple price of EBITDA totaling $75 million.

Western National Group: (President - Property Management) 1989-1995
As President, facing a severe downturn in commercial real estate, Jim transformed and grew the firm to become one of largest multi-family management and development companies in the Western US. He improved its national ranking from #65 to #29 during the 1990’s real estate downturn. Rapid market changes led to one of the most challenging real estate markets in history. Jim needed to transform the organization's leadership and culture and introduce digital transformation which resulted in 40% revenue and profit growth. This transformation required the full alignment of leadership at a 30-year old insular company while increasing the number of managed apartments to 29,000. As a member of the senior leadership team, Jim helped position WNG for a Public REIT offering. In Jim’s final year, he led over 1500 employees through the many transitions and grew the budget to $600 million.

Star Software Systems: (President/Co-Founder) 1980 – 1989
Co-founded and led a global business application software publisher for desktop PC’s. In his late 20’s, Jim embarked on his first entrepreneurial venture. First, designing and marketing professional service computer systems led to significant 3 year growth. Then markets shifted dramatically as IBM brought out their PC. Jim pivoted the firm to focus on its proprietary professional service software leading to strong sustained growth and twice landing on the Inc 500 fastest growing company list, ultimately reaching #56. Star Software sold over 300,000 business software systems worldwide, while establishing a network of 2,000 dealers. After raising venture capital, Jim led the growth of the firm until its successful sale in 1989.

PE Owned Professional Sales Training Company: (Richardson)
Jim joined the board of an international, 30 year-old professional sales training company. He spent 2.5 years advising and assisting the firm’s CEO and Sr Team in implementing transformative strategies and business models along with digital transformation of intellectual property and developing new high margin revenue streams. These changes resulted in a 10X increase in EBITDA and a successful 9X+ valuation and a successful Private Equity exit to a strategic buyer.

Successful $100 Million Sale of Energy Company Subsidiary to another Energy Company
As an example of helping organizations prepare for potential sale of a portion of the organization, Jim and his team worked with both Company A and Company B in this transaction to prepare the leaders as well as the organizations' cultures for a seamless transition. The deal was $100 million plus in scope involving the transfer of hundreds of employees and complicated by a complex financial structure and environmental concerns. The CEO of each organization as well as other transition team leaders remarked about the ease of the transaction because of the trust that was developed from the beginning. Jim and his team helped each organization act from a culture of integrity. All of the problems that accompany a transaction of this magnitude were dealt with directly and honestly. This created a win-win which benefited each organization and their respective employees.