Jim Hart is an experienced Owner/CEO with 30+ years of leadership expertise in turning around, building and transforming business. With expertise in global professional services, real estate and software publishing, Jim brings a broad spectrum of expertise to each engagement. In each case, Jim has consistently led these firms through transformations that significantly enhanced their value. He has extensive experience coaching both Fortune 500 CEO’s and owner led private companies in leading strategic and organizational transformation.

“As a business owner, who needed to develop a successful exit strategy, I recognized that to maximize exit value, we needed to transform elements of our firm to be the most attractive option on the market. This forced us to face many of our assumptions that had permeated our business for over 30+ years. Much like selling a home, to maximize value, you need to evaluate your home with an objective eye. This often leads you to embark on some remodeling and enhancements to make your property the best choice for buyers. The key was to be the buyer’s first choice compared to competitors. However, this took time in both design and remodeling of the business. Plus, the business enhancements needed to be done while running the current business successfully.”